Ok. Its time to start putting words and plans down on paper and make more aggressive strides towards the completion of a project i've been dreaming of for some time now. Project Vinn is the name of this endeavor, and in synopsis, my plans are to build a car from the ground up. I may use parts from other vehicles, the engine, drive train for instance, and i'm very seriously considering the ford 32 frame to build everything on.

Project Vinn is a car inspired by a video game. The Saboteur is an awesome game, and my irish in me cheers for the main hero. An irishman, a mechanic by trade, hooks up with a racing family known as the Morini's. In the family barn, the morini's develop a race car, known as the Aurora. This isn't video game fantasy. Historically, many cars and car companies got their starts in barns that had the cows pushed out of the way.

Images of the car in game: (Click Image for larger view)


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